Friday, October 31, 2014

What is the Meaning of Life?

I get asked this question so often and resultantly I have decided to post a short answer to this question herein on this blog. Whenever someone wants to know the meaning of life or the purpose of existence I generally explain why the whole of existence was generated and what the purpose of the cosmic gestation engendered on an experiential level.

Question: What is the meaning of Life?

Answer:  Consciousness is all that has ever been as it states in Pirkei d'Rabbi Eliezer:
"Before the world was created the holy one blessed be he with his name alone existed, and the thought arose in him to create the world."

but it has a perogative to be conscious of some-thing thus the objective birthed the subjective. This perogative is spoken of in Midrash Rabbah:

"Rabbi Yudan said: The day in which the Holy One blessed be He was one with his universe, for there was only him in Existence..."
"God willed to behold Himself."

The subjective is an image reflected back at the objective primordial consciousness and within the subjective space or void was the plenum of all possibilities formed. The formation was Consciousness- focused as energy- in the form of matter- creating a illusionary nature to the subjective called polarity= form and force. This subsequently gives rise to the subjective observer who perceives dualism and thus is conscious of its own existence. The generated experiences of the subjective observer contribute to a collective consciousness and enables the Object Observer to behold itself as in a mirror and as Consciousness beholds Consciousness it become self-aware and fulfills is perogative.

This is the purpose of Existence... and the meaning of life is the accumulation of your various experiences which contribute to the generation of the Collective thus generating self-awareness.