Thursday, November 20, 2014

New Book: The Hidden Heritage of Israel

You have questions concerning the incredible mythology, legends, historicity and obscure details about the Bible but you don't know where to find answers. Religious leaders all teach the same mundane stories and present the tired old arguments and scripted answers to challenging questions.
Now you have a resource to answer your questions…
The Hidden Heritage of Israel is an incredible journey into the period of ancient Egypt and subsequent Israelite religious and cultural development. This journey takes us from identifying the historical Moses, to the symbiotic relationship between Egyptian and Jewish theological constructs, to identifying the origin and pronunciation of the name of the Israelite God, and finally culminating in an overall picture of the purpose of Jewish existence. This unique book derives its incredible knowledge from both historical sources and in-depth analyses of the Kabbalah but doesn't leave out the important field of Biblical criticism including a survey of the influences from other Near Eastern cultures. The unique mergers of these disciplines yield a picture of Jewish identity that will not disappoint the reader.
The book is simultaneously radical and reliable. It is challenging and a breath of fresh air for those who appreciate scholarship over sensationalism. Historical revisionism incurred by fundamentalist tampering of religious texts has been removed and what remains is an amazing look into the ancient world and into a message that resonates deeply with modern life.
The following link will enable you to purchase this 311 page book which will take your understanding of Biblical history from ordinary to extraordinary...